918.com手机版入口,I am a clerk once again

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918.com手机版入口,I am a clerk once again

918.com手机版入口,last year,i resigned because i don't know what i want to do.i just go to office,open the computer, browse the web then the ring for off duty day and day.i am not interested in this work.and no one tell me waht i need to do.it is a little freedom,but not comfortable.so i found a reason for dimission.i told my boss i want to take a graduate school exam.to be honest,i don't really want to have a higher study. i hate my major.i was distributed to sanitary inspection,which i even have not listened before i was told.i had a terrible life in colleage.i finished my colleage study when all my classmates have left school half a year.i would rather get to take the postgraduate examination but go on foreign trade clerk.because i got bored doing this.i wasn't a person who likes to talk with strangers.my patient has been given out in my colleage.so i failed the test once again not suprisingly,even a little closer to reexamine.

today, i become a foreign trade clerk once again.neither for my hobbies nor my heart transform .just because i have no choice when i send my resume.i don't have learned any skills,and i don't want to the factory to become a robot.when i was refused by some companies,i confess i was worried,i just want a job no more else.so when my boss let me come in the company,i don't hesitate.so i become a foreign trade clerk once again from day now.i wish i can do it for a long time.i won't get bored with the work,i know any job is boring inordinately.i want to make much money .i want to purchase a car by myself.i wish i can live in a big house and my beauty wife accompany my cute daughter playing in my sight.i wish wishes are not wishes one day.a shy man, not very good at english ,has became your partner once again.a little funny with a little truth.


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